A 5 minute journey from Sea to country

It was cold and very windy.  Even though I had cleaned the lens before I started the sea spray/mist built up my lens, creating un accidental but interesting effect.

Fishing at dusk, Port Noarlunga

Over the next few weeks I will be presenting some of the photos that I have been taking for my photography course.  The theme for these photos is “A 5 minute journey from Sea to country”.  All of the pictures are local, and express the things I love about home.  I have been really stretched to step out of my comfort level of what I already know.  Sometimes I have had success and other times complete failure.  Creativity is an adventure!


Noddy's antique store, Port Noarlunga

About Vulnerability of the heart

I am a wife, a mother, and a treasured child of God. My Christian faith is my source of strength. I’ve fallen into the depths of despair and been carried out of it in the loving arms of God. By his grace I have been healed. God has taken me on an incredible journey of discovering his love and faithfulness. I believe in a merciful God who has never left me. He is forever faithful.
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