Prophetic word: Holy Spirit is bringing his flooding waters of Intimacy

“Lovers of God have been given eyes to see with spiritual discernment and ears to hear from God.” Proverbs 20:12 (TPT)

Last night I was talking to God about how many people I was seeing in a season of change, they had doors closing and their “foundations were shifting”. As was doing this, I heard God speak the words, “Transition into the new”. Then God showed me a wine skin, saying, “Old wine skins can’t carry the new wine that I am bringing”. He went on to say that right now he is closing the old and bringing in the new. The old just won’t be able to handle the new, so he is bringing us out of the old. The old wineskin will not be able to stretch with the new wine, resulting in it bursting and his precious wine being spilled and spoiled. The new wineskin, however, will stretch preserving his new precious wine. He is bringing us out of a season of flesh/pride/and self-made doings. Where there was no partnering or need of God. I then heard God say, “I will not allow the ones I love and have a plan for continue in this. No! I have so much more for them. I have a plan that cannot be restricted by flesh, pride or own hands. No! You have to partner with me, you have to need me, you have to rely on me, you have to trust me. You cannot cannot do this without me. The plan and purposes I have for you require Holy Spirit empowerment. It is to big and grand to be restricted by flesh. I won’t share my glory with anyone. Do not think you can do this without me. Through you I will flow my river. For me to be able to do this, any thing that is not of me cannot remain. I am doing a new thing, the old has past away. I will rebuild the ruins, I will restore the blind, I will breathe life into the dead, I will open the ears…” He just kept speaking and the list of what he was about to do was enormously endless. He was saying it so fast and it was so long that I said to God I cannot possibly write all of this down. Then I realised that he wasn’t asking me to, but he was simply demonstrating how big what he was about to do was. At this point he stopped and then I felt and heard a great celebration in the heavenlies for what God was about to bring and do through us.

Later that evening I was praying with a friend, when while I was praying the Holy Spirit spontaneously came upon me with his water. The outpouring of water reminded me of something God said to me on Friday. I was listening to a past video of Nate Johnston’s that he recently re-posted. In this video, as he prayed and prophesied, he started to speak the words, “Holy Spirit fire!” As Nate spoke the words “Holy Spirit Fire”, I heard God say over top of him, “Holy Spirit water!” Then eventually God said, “No Cheryl you need to speak Holy Spirit water”. It wasn’t that God was saying anything against Nate’s words, he was just using the video to ask me to speak something different. As I prayed through the rest of the day the only thing that kept coming out of my mouth was the words, “Holy Spirit water”. It felt really strange to speak the words. I wasn’t use to it. I kept seeing images of people and places and felt compelled to speak the words, “Holy Spirit water”, nothing else. So last night when God’s Spirit-filled water overwhelmed me, I was reminded of what God said on Friday. In response to this recollection, I felt led to speak the words, “Holy Spirit water” over and over again. Asking Holy Spirit to come and bring his water. When I did I was hit by this flood of water, this time it was incredibly overwhelming and deeply intimate. I was lost in this deep love and at the same time grounded. It was such a deep intimacy. I was surrounded and drinking in deep. I was physically overcome, so much so, I struggled to keep praying and I collapsed on my bed in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then I heard the Holy Spirit ask me, “Do you want this for the church?” I replied, “Yes, yes! I want this for the church! This has been what I have prayed for for so long. This is what I have seen. This is the promise you gave me and I have held onto for so long”. Then these words of God spontaneously came out of my mouth, “Come out of the shallows into the deep”. The words kept repeating out of mouth over and over again. Then I heard God say, “This is what will happen when I pour out my water of intimacy upon the church. I will say these words to those who have ears to hear and eyes that see me, those that have made themselves ready, those that have stepped into the new. When I come upon them, I will speak to them and say, “Come out of the shallows into the deep”. I will say to them, “Come into the deeper things of me and not be satisfied with less”. They will hear me and come out of the shallows. They will be hungry for the deeper things of me. Those that have made themselves ready for the new will hear this. When I come upon them with water, that flood of water will be just a taste of me, yes just a taste. When they step out of the shallows, what is in the deeper waters will be more. They will be hungry, their hearts will be hungry for me. They will thirst and hunger for me. They will be ravenous, yes they will be desperate for me. In the deeper waters they will be so full to overwhelming that they will not be able to contain me and it will overflow from them. Through this overflow they will do greater things then me (Jesus). Yes they will do these things because they made themselves ready for the new, and came out of the shallows. What they experienced in the beginning, again I say is just a small taste of me. I will flood and overflow through them so that it will overwhelm them and they will do great and mighty things.”

It is not often that I share prophetic words I receive so globally through my blog, but this morning I awoke with this strong sense from God that I should invite people to pray. That he was actually asking us to ask him to do what he has promised. So today I invite anyone who has a heart for prayer and faith as small as a mustard seed to ask Holy Spirit to bring his flooding waters of intimacy to the church. This is an invitation to believe for more of God, for us as believers to not be satisfied with less, but to desperately hunger for all that God has to offer.

About Vulnerability of the heart

I am a wife, a mother, and a treasured child of God. My Christian faith is my source of strength. I’ve fallen into the depths of despair and been carried out of it in the loving arms of God. By his grace I have been healed. God has taken me on an incredible journey of discovering his love and faithfulness. I believe in a merciful God who has never left me. He is forever faithful.
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1 Response to Prophetic word: Holy Spirit is bringing his flooding waters of Intimacy

  1. ACountryBoy says:

    This is incredible. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t been to any church in a long time. The state of many are in apostasy or are not experiencing the Holy Spirit’s presence.

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