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Looking back - I recently read a forum for those suffering with or caring for people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This is the first time I have read into someone else’s struggle with DID since my integration. I don’t know why it has … Continue reading
The Resurrected Jesus - To many Christians Easter is an important time of the year.  I didn’t grow up in a traditional church and as result don’t celebrate Easter according to historical tradition, however the death and resurrection of Jesus still has significance to me. No … Continue reading
What does God see? - I went home, paced the floor and yelled at the air. I was furious. I had been with a friend at a cafe. We didn’t live close and as a result didn’t meet often. This catchup was not what I … Continue reading
My Father’s delight - I was holding my little one in my arms tonight just before her bedtime. She loves cuddles and so do I. I sat there looking into her big blue eyes and was swept away in adoration. Her beauty moved me, … Continue reading
The Busy Church - Written on a dark night… They race so fast I lose focus; My heart is troubled. Like a little child in a busy crowd, I am overwhelmed. “Can’t stop! Really busy” I hear them say. They rush on. I wonder, … Continue reading

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