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Let go of the former things. See I am doing a new thing, don’t you see it! - A friend of mine came over and cut down the old weeping cherry tree today. Something that I have dreaded for a very long time. I have put it off for over a year as I grieved, hoped and prayed … Continue reading
Letting go - Over the last week I have had this terrible ache in my heart.  It started as a niggle; almost not noticeable. However, as the days have gone on it has become very heavy. For the last three days I felt … Continue reading
We will see Jesus with new eyes - Prophetic word: God is bringing a new and fresh revelation of Jesus Continue reading
Looking back - I recently read a forum for those suffering with or caring for people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This is the first time I have read into someone else’s struggle with DID since my integration. I don’t know why it has … Continue reading
The Resurrected Jesus - To many Christians Easter is an important time of the year.  I didn’t grow up in a traditional church and as result don’t celebrate Easter according to historical tradition, however the death and resurrection of Jesus still has significance to me. No … Continue reading

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