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Sowing life in the midst of death

I don’t know when it happened. I guess slowly, very slowly. As a sourdough baker I know that the process of proofing the whole dough takes time. If you watch the dough rise, you will quickly get bored. The process … Continue reading

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Facing the pain and finding freedom

My heart was racing, my neck and shoulders tense; my body was filled with adrenaline. My fight or flight response had been activated. I fled the room. What was causing this? Believe it or not a cartoon show my kids … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Authority and Victory

There was a man who lived in torment. A man who was rejected. According to the people in the city their rejection was for good reasons. He was dangerous, insane, controlling. In torment this man would cry out in the … Continue reading

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Focusing on who I am in God

We are in a season of transition. God is ushering in the new. The new season will be trans-formative and have a powerful impact on us and those around us. While it sounds great and even exciting on paper, living … Continue reading

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Let go of the former things. See I am doing a new thing, don’t you see it!

A friend of mine came over and cut down the old weeping cherry tree today. Something that I have dreaded for a very long time. I have put it off for over a year as I grieved, hoped and prayed … Continue reading

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Living God’s abundant life

  It was early in my counselling experience, pre-diagnosis. The session started like most sessions, with prayer seeking Jesus for His direction on the session. I was not disappointed. God took me to a place where I could hear a … Continue reading

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When I found freedom in Love – Discerning and Defeating the Enemy

Discernment. I am convinced that every Christian needs to learn this essential skill. I don’t believe that it is just for the few, I believe it is something that every Christian who wants the fullness of God needs. Without discernment, … Continue reading

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The hungry time monster

Up at 6am, wake Ewan, the daily school grind has started.  Off I start: “School uniform on Ewan, shoes on, its a hot day so sandles on, or its a cold day so boots, time for breakfast, brush your teeth, … Continue reading

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