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Living in God’s mercy and grace

Living in reality has always been a struggle for me. I have a vivid imagination. In my childhood this meant I could happily play alone for hours.  It also had a downside. Any scary graphic image that I saw or … Continue reading

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Living God’s abundant life

  It was early in my counselling experience, pre-diagnosis. The session started like most sessions, with prayer seeking Jesus for His direction on the session. I was not disappointed. God took me to a place where I could hear a … Continue reading

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Living in God’s favour

What I am about to write is challenging and has been birthed out of the struggle I have experienced over the last 6-9 months. These last months have been a time of stripping. Stripping away my own self-reliance and pride. It … Continue reading

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When I found freedom in Love – Discerning and Defeating the Enemy

Discernment. I am convinced that every Christian needs to learn this essential skill. I don’t believe that it is just for the few, I believe it is something that every Christian who wants the fullness of God needs. Without discernment, … Continue reading

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When I was released by Love – The power and freedom of Forgiveness

I sat in the counseling room my heart was filled with anger. I was confused and hurting. My anger was directed toward one person. They had hurt me, the pain was overwhelming. I felt justified to feel like this. However, … Continue reading

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When I was held by Love – Discovering the intimate love of God

I stood on the edge of the cliff. It was precision cut, no jagged edges. I stood there looking down into the deep abyss. I could hear noises coming from the abyss; they were scary and howling. In the distance … Continue reading

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Ever had someone show interest in you, who you are not interested in. Every time they’re in the room you just want to run a mile. The more they pursue, the more you want to run. I have, I’m married … Continue reading

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