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Physically present and spiritually impacting

We live in a very physical, tangible world. For many of us seeing this physical world comes easily. We wake up in it. We go about our daily lives in it. Everyday we touch things with our physical hands. We … Continue reading

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What is on God’s heart?

“Today during the end of the service I saw a picture that I didn’t feel led at the time to share with the church: I saw heaven open. I could see this bright glorious light pouring down through the opening … Continue reading

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God’s mercy

The other day I was outside in my garden trimming my vine and talking to God. I was telling him about my struggle with religion, in particular the harm inflicted through people. How I didn’t know how to approach it … Continue reading

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Letting go

Over the last week I have had this terrible ache in my heart.  It started as a niggle; almost not noticeable. However, as the days have gone on it has become very heavy. For the last three days I felt … Continue reading

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When I was revealed by Love – Uncovering the God-created You

How can God’s love be considered unconditional when He expects you to change?  If I am loved unconditionally then I shouldn’t have to change.  Or should I? God’s love, while unconditional, is not a permissive love.  In our modern day, … Continue reading

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