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Focusing on who I am in God

We are in a season of transition. God is ushering in the new. The new season will be trans-formative and have a powerful impact on us and those around us. While it sounds great and even exciting on paper, living … Continue reading

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What is on God’s heart?

“Today during the end of the service I saw a picture that I didn’t feel led at the time to share with the church: I saw heaven open. I could see this bright glorious light pouring down through the opening … Continue reading

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Merciful undoing; arising in Faith

I stood at the back of the church, I was trembling.  A picture had just come to my minds-eye and I knew it was God. Had the word been an easy word I would have felt great joy, especially in … Continue reading

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The challenge of faith

A lot has happened over the last four or so months, things that I have relied on have been stripped away.  I have been shaken to my core in my close relationships.  One night I was emotionally broken and crying … Continue reading

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