The challenge of faith

Port Noarlunga Jetty

A lot has happened over the last four or so months, things that I have relied on have been stripped away.  I have been shaken to my core in my close relationships.  One night I was emotionally broken and crying in bed. I cried out to God, “I know you’re here, but I feel so alone”. God responded with a vision.  In this vision there was a great storm and a flood.  I could see my house engulfed by the flood so that all I could see was the tip of the rooftop. Upon seeing this vision, I asked Jesus where He was. He responded, “I am right here”. I looked to my left and right and above me, but could not find Him. I kept searching and was surprised to find Him underneath me. I said to Him, “What are you doing there?” He responded, “I am holding you up”.

This picture described exactly how I felt. I felt like everything precious to me, my household, was broken beyond repair. I felt like I was in a storm that I could not stop; like I was drowning in pain and heartache. God revealed to me that night that He understood my pain and that no matter the storm, or my feelings of loss concerning my household, He was faithfully holding me up ensuring that I would not drown.

God has proved Himself true to His promise. I have had many days and nights of anguish in the last four months and every time God has been there carrying me. Something that I have learnt during this time is that our external circumstances don’t always reflect the truth of God’s victory. My emotions have often been contradictory to God’s truth. At times my struggle has been so great that all I have had to hold on to has been the words of truth that God has spoken to me (i.e. He would be the one to fix things… etc), my faith and my knowledge of God’s character.

My husband and I have recently made a decision to move to Sydney. For those who don’t know where I currently reside, I live south of Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide is like a country town in comparison to Sydney.  I grew up here, my parents and siblings are here. My home is a 15 minute drive from the winery district of McLaren Vale, 15 minute drive from the beautiful Port Noarlunga beach and about a 45 minute drive from the city.  Where we are moving to is 1400 km (around 870 miles) from Adelaide, which is about 16 hours driving (no small feat with three young children). This is really a move of faith to us.  If we didn’t feel as if God was in this, we would not be doing it. Over the last 6 or so weeks God has made it very clear to my husband and I that this is where He wants us to move. Why? I don’t know; believe me I have questioned Him. But as I often say, I believe that His purpose and will is perfect and I am choosing to trust Him.

Our new chapter begins in February. We have an enormous job to do in preparing our home for renting, as well as packing and throwing things out. We have cried many tears of grief and begun to say our goodbyes. We are praying for God to provide a home; that He would give us wisdom in choosing the right school for our children and help us find a church that we can call family.

With all the happenings, being: Christmas, birthdays, a trip to Tasmania for my brother-in-laws wedding, renovations, moving, as well as house, school and church finding… I may have to temporarily disappear from the blogging community. I am praying that you all have a beautiful Christmas, and be amazed by God’s vision for your year(s) to come.

With love,


About Vulnerability of the heart

I am a wife, a mother, and a treasured child of God. My Christian faith is my source of strength. I’ve fallen into the depths of despair and been carried out of it in the loving arms of God. By his grace I have been healed. God has taken me on an incredible journey of discovering his love and faithfulness. I believe in a merciful God who has never left me. He is forever faithful.
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16 Responses to The challenge of faith

  1. Deborah says:

    Wow, moving to the ‘big smoke’! That is a major decision. I know God will be faithful and provide everything you need.
    It is so true that God carries us through trials . He never leaves us, even when we can’t see Him. Thanks for sharing that.
    I hope you will be able to return to blogging when you settle down. Wishing you all the best ,

    • Thanks Debbie. It was a very big decision to move to the ‘big smoke’, both Ben and I love Adelaide. God has confirmed to us in so many ways that this is something that He wants us to do, we feel quite overwhelmed by the decision, but holding onto God and trusting in His beautiful faithfulness.

      I love blogging – God led me here, so hopefully He will open up the door again when things settle down.

      Love and blessings Cheryl

  2. Your move is similar to one that my family and I made a number of years ago. It was very clear that God had authored the move. I don’t regret it. It was a move to get my us back to our families, from which we had moved away twelve years prior. Please feel free to follow my blog at:
    Many blessings to you,
    John 17:3

  3. GodGirl says:

    All God’s blessings on the next chapter of your journey, Cheryl.

  4. I have only been to Adelaide once with my family and we had such a beautiful time there. I long to return to the city one day. On the other hand, I have been to Sydney a couple times too and I have many good friends there. The Christian community is strong and vibrant – I am sure your family will find good company there. It is a big move indeed and I pray for a safe journey for all of you.

    May God show you great and mighty things in response to your faith and obedience!

    • Thank you. I do love Adelaide a lot! It’s a very beautiful city. Often overlooked, but for those who come here often talk about discovering its gems and want to return. I will miss it, I am sure though I will discover new gems and fall in love with them in NSW… God is faithful!

  5. Just wanted to stop by – catching up since I’ve been through so much lately – and let you know here as well that I’m praying for you and the move.
    I appreciate how you open up your heart … Vulnerable. Yes. But a blessing.
    Hugs my friend.
    – Heather

  6. Have you moved, Cheryl? Is the picture of God’s plan becoming clearer?

    • There is a reason that I knew that after reading your quote on patience that I was somewhat lacking. The short answer, yes we have moved and no God’s plan is still a bit of a mystery. But I am sure with a lot waiting on God and patience we will discover it. My family is currently staying in a one bed-roomed motel room. It is very cosy and a little challenging at times, but I appreciate having a roof over our heads and beds for my kids to sleep in.

      I wish I could say I have waited and endured this time with grace and beauty, but alas it has brought out the ugliness in me. I have struggled greatly, but each time God has graciously pulled me out of the struggle to remind He is with me. The amount of times he has told me to rest should be boarding on annoying, but instead it has slowly become my comfort in knowing that God has gone before us and is with us today. I can rest in knowing that no matter what is out of control in the world is in control in Him.

      Currently looking for a house which is proving to be very difficult. I left a place where I was very happy. I loved the area I lived in; it was beautiful. I will hopefully full love with this new ‘home’. Even if it continues to be a struggle for me though, I know that what is more important is that I am in the right place with God. When it comes down to it that is all that matters.

      My goodness I think I nearly wrote a blog post to you, sorry.

      • I’m sorry you’re going through this difficult challenge, Cheryl. The most difficult challenges seem to be transitions. I remember being cooped up in a little rental home with our kids for a year while we were building this home – it was a challenge. We’ve faced many trials, but that was the most difficult year. I will be praying that good comes from your trial.

      • Thank you. I am grateful that no matter my struggle, God is so faithful in his love and provision.

  7. Hello, Cheryl. How are you?

    • Hi thanks for asking. It has been a real challenging time, but also a time of learning what it means to trust God. As always God has been faithful. After many weeks of living in temporary accommodation we are now living in a home that we have purchased. We don’t have our furniture yet, it’s still in storage while we paint out the home. Hope to get it soon.

      I hop on on and read the blogs when I can, but I haven’t had a lot of time. I look forward to returning to blogging. I have learnt so much about God, faith, prayer, and humility during this time.

      Thanks for asking, praying you are well.

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